Illustration From My Upcoming Children’s Book

Growing up as a child there were two things that I loved, superheroes and reading, specifically poetry and prose. If it wasn’t for authors like Dr. Seuss or Jack Prelutsky, my love for reading and writing would have never blossomed and probably would have changed the dynamic of my career path.

As an homage to the authors that had children reading at an early age or forced their fathers to read to them in bed, it has always been a dream of mine to publish a children’s book.

With technology making it easy for authors to bring their product to market, I have finally pursued a long time dream and am in the final drafting phases of my upcoming children’s book that teaches kids the true qualities of a superhero.

Here is a teaser illustration from the upcoming book by a very talented young artist by the name of Alex Lillie.

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StoneTooling Awarded With Top 25% In Holiday Sales On Amazon


I recently received an email from with some news that we were one of their top 25% sellers for the 2012 holiday season.

On behalf of Amazon, we want to congratulate you on your outstanding performance during the 2012 holiday season. Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all Amazon sellers. In addition, your customer satisfaction ratings were excellent – A+ – during this period. Thank you for the hard work and dedication that made these results possible. You provide an exceptional
shopping experience for customers on Amazon. We wish you a happy and successful 2013.

Your Amazon Services Team

There is some very stiff competition on Amazon as a plethora of sellers and manufacturers use the existing audience to promote their goods. I was ecstatic to see that we were able to rise above our competition in a large market and boast a stellar customer service record at the same time.

This just goes to show that with a few ideas and a lot of hard work, success can be achieved.

How To Deal With Difficult Amazon And eBay Customers

Amazon Packaging

For those e-retailers who are utilizing the massive audiences of Amazon and eBay, one thing you may have come across from time to time is a difficult customer who wants the world from you. So what do you do when a customer expects something that is outside of your policy, wants a refund on a product they broke or claims that it never came? The answer is not an easy one.

Online retailers are held hostage due to the fact that every transaction is being rated by the customer and your reputation is based on their experience. Though that seems like a great tool, it has increased the power of your customers…and the customer isn’t always right. Continue reading

Significant Growth At

Google Analytics

Since I returned to the company in January after 3 months in Oklahoma on a contract with the FAA, progress at has been absolutely astounding.

In fact, yesterday we closed a record day of sales and our marketing efforts seem to be paying back quite nicely.

I was originally hired in the Summer of 2008 after receiving my BA at California State University of Northridge and noticed some significant issues holding back the success of the online side of the business.

After learning the market, making some significant changes in marketing tactics and relaunching the site in 2011 with a new platform, we have had steady growth in visits and conversions. The pieces to a successful business were put into place and we just needed to capitalize on what we had built. Continue reading

How To Get A Good Deal On A New Car

2013 Honda Civic

Last week I decided to trade my car in for something both a little more economical, in regards to mileage  and a little more technologically advanced.

After doing some research on which vehicle could give me the most bang for my buck, I settled on a 2013 Honda Civic. Not only could it get up to 39 miles per gallon (highway) but it also had Bluetooth phone and audio capabilities as well as an optional navigation all for under $23,000.

So now that I had an idea of what I wanted to purchase, all I had to do was figure out what the best deal I could get on it was. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading