Significant Growth At StoneTooling.com

Google Analytics

Since I returned to the company in January after 3 months in Oklahoma on a contract with the FAA, progress at StoneTooling.com has been absolutely astounding.

In fact, yesterday we closed a record day of sales and our marketing efforts seem to be paying back quite nicely.

I was originally hired in the Summer of 2008 after receiving my BA at California State University of Northridge and noticed some significant issues holding back the success of the online side of the business.

After learning the market, making some significant changes in marketing tactics and relaunching the site in 2011 with a new platform, we have had steady growth in visits and conversions. The pieces to a successful business were put into place and we just needed to capitalize on what we had built.

A small business needs to always remember that a good customer is a good friend. If you give a customer a reason to trust you, competitive pricing and product support, you can guarantee that they will be loyal to your company.

I can’t stress enough how important it is  to build relationships. All of the SEO, Social Marketing and PPC ads in the world won’t mean much if you don’t capture a client for the long term.

The ROI on relationships is much greater than the time and money spent to get eyes on your product if it doesn’t end up as a sale. In fact, it’s a great way to lose money.

The above image is the change in unique visits for StoneTooling.com since the relaunch in 2011. Notice the steady climb in traffic and then a jump again in January.

Keep reading my blog to find out how I created the growth through PPC, SEO, social media, relationship building and more.